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How to make a Lattice Wall Angel

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Written by Bill Hanks   

Making a decorative lattice wall angel is a rather easy project to do.  They also make excellent gifts.  This article will explain how to make a lattice wall angel.  Keep in mind that you can add or subtract from this design very easily.  If you zoom in on the picture, you will get some great ideas on how to change the wall angel to your liking.

Supplies;  You will need a hand stapler, wood stain and brush, various sizes of grapevine or bent limb,twine, scissors and a square piece of plywood or particleboard.

Step One;  Head for the woods and collect your grapevine or bent wood.  Make sure you don't get the poison ivy vine. Collect the thinest branches you can find.  Long ones work great.  You want green if you can find it.  Try to stay away from old dead vines.  They have a tendency to snap and break.

Step Two;  Stain your mounting board (plywood or particleboard).  Set it aside for a day or two to dry.  Pick a stain that is lighter than your vines, if possible.

Step Three;  Make sure that your stapler is full loaded.  This is very important.  You don't want to stop in the middle of your work to reload your stapler.

Step Four; Start with the skirt area first of your angel.   As you can see from the picture, the skirt has cut fixtures instead of bent in the middle of the skirt.  However, the outside line is a bent vine. Use your stapler to hold them in place.








Step Five; Make the head.  Simply use a smaller  piece and make a circle and staple it in place.

Step Six;  The wings are easy to do.  Twist two or three very small vines together and staple them across the top of the skirt and neck area of your angle.

Step Seven;  Make some very small swirl loops in the hands area.  This helps to cover the exposed part of the bottom of the wings that go across the body.

Tips.  Try gluing or stapling some fabric under the wing area only.  I have even seen these mounted on a piece of old white pillow cases.  Be as creative as you want.  Keep in mind that the key to good work is very flexible vine.

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