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How to Make Shoe Polish

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Shoe Polish 

Here are two recipes to make shoe polish at home. 

Step 1

RECIPE 1: What you need is
30 g Soap Flakes
150 g of Bee wax
15 g Potassium carbonate
15 g Gum Arabic powder
45 g Icing sugar
280 g of finely ground charcoal powder

Step 2

Recipe 1:
- Boil 600 ml of water
- While the water is boiling cut flakes of the Bee wax in it.
- Stir in the Soap flakes and potassium carbonate.
- Boil until a smooth paste.
- Turn off the heart but while the mixture is still hot mix in the gum Arabic and Icing sugar.
- Add in finely ground charcoal powder for a black shoe polish. Nowadays an aniline dye is used to make black color shoe polishes.
- If you wish to have a neutral color dye for the light color and white leather then do not add the charcoal to it.

Step 3

RECIPE 2: You will require,
100 ml Nigrosene, a black dye made from oxidized aniline available for domestic use in the 1940s.
18 g Potassium bicarbonate
150 g Bee wax
100 ml Turpentine

Step 4

Recipe 2:
- Put water to boil
- Put flakes of bee wax into this boiling water
- Put the potassium bicarbonate into this mixture while stirring
- Allow this mixture to foam up
- Now dissolve the nigrosene in little cold water
- Then pour it into this mixture, stir it in well till you see even color
- bring the mixture to boil
- Let it simmer gently for a few minutes
- Keep stirring it until it creamy layer is formed on the top
- Take the mixture off the fire and stir in the turpentine, we take off the mixture off the fire because turpentine is inflammable, please be careful.
- Now pour the mixture into tins before it cools and close tightly for storage.

Step 5

There are other recipes too, which use methylated spirits, petroleum jelly and other substances to make shoe polish, but these two seemed the most easily available ingredients hence shared here.

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