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How to Make Leprechaun Traps

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This fun and easy to make St. Patrick's Day Kids Craft will be a huge hit for your children's St. Patrick's Day parties. With a little imagination you can have a house full of lucky St. Patrick's Day decorations and Shamrock crafts that you family has made. There is nothing like a home made craft project to decorate and fill a home with a warm smile.

You can even use this time as a learning time with small children. Let them build their imagination by asking how they would spend the pot of gold, what they think a leprechaun would look like, or how they would find the end of the rainbow to claim their pot of gold. There is nothing better than giving kids the opportunity to imagine and create.

Things You'll Need: Shoe box; St. Patrick's Day; Decorations Stick


Step 1

Each child will need an old shoe box.

Step 2

Allow them to decorate the outside of the box so that it will attract a leprechaun.

Step 3

Once the boxes are decorated and dry place the leprechaun traps around your house by placing a stick underneath one edge of the box to prop it up.

Step 4

The box will fall on the leprechaun and trap him under it.

Step 5

If your box is lucky enough to catch a leprechaun he will leave you a few pieces of "gold".

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