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How to Identify Lisinop/HCTZ 10 12.5mg Tab (Lisinopril)

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Written by Beth Weston   


Intro: Lisinopril otherwise known as Lisinop/HCTZ 10 is a medication used to treat high blood pressure aka hypertension. This medicine is commonly prescribed to a person who is just starting taking high blood pressure medication. This article will explain how to identify Lisinopril.

Step 1: The Lisinopril package is not a bottle but a plastic rectangular box type of container. It is blue. To open it, you pull out a foil sheet that is inside the container. The pills are identified by the day of the week. To take them, you simply push them through the foil.

Step 2: The Lisinopril pill itself has a hexidecimal shape like that of a stop sign. The color is light blue. The surfaces of the pill are not flat but curve out slightly.

Step 3: Finally, to identify Lisinopril, you should know what code is scored onto the surface of the pill. On one side, it will say, "891." The other side of the pill will be scored with an, "LL".

Tips: As this medication will make you urinate a lot, take this pill in the morning so your sleep is not interrupted at night.

Warnings: Don't sit up quickly when taking Lisinopril. You can experience a light headed feeling or dizziness and can even pass out.

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