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How To Create A Successful Horse For Sale Ad
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Written by Elizabeth Bunich   

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Selling a horse on the internet can advertise your horse for sale to the entire country, and even the world. However, creating a good horse for sale ad takes a little time and dedication. There are hundreds of thousands of horse for sale ads on the internet on any given day, and many of those ads are poor quality.  A good horse for sale ad can generate hundreds of responses from potential horse buyers if you follow the basic instructions below.


Step 1: Start with a great photograph. Plan on taking at least 30 to 40 pictures and choose the best three. A side view is the most important – aim for a picture of the horse standing squarely on level ground. Make sure the horse is perfectly groomed and trimmed. Include one profile shot of the horse untacked, tacked up, and an “action shot” of the horse at work. Pasture shots and blanketed horses are not good sales pictures. Edit the background if necessary to remove distracting objects.


Step 2: Don’t start with an outrageous price. The reason for this is that horse buyers will set a price range in their search options. If your price is out of that range, they won’t even see your ad. A good rule is to set your price just under even dollar amounts, for instance, $2,999 instead of $3,000. This way your ad is included when people state a range of under $3,000. A successful horse for sale ad gets in front of as many people as possible.


Step 3:  Describe the horse fully with factual information. Include its registered name and registration number, if any. Foaling date or year, height, training level, show experience or points it may have earned are all important. Be sure to put all the relevant information in the ad, and keep the description businesslike.


Step 4: Be honest, but also be thorough. If the horse is green broke, you can tell the reader how many days of training it has had, how it is progressing, and what it can do so far. Any horse advertised as broke to ride needs to have pictures of it being ridden. Otherwise, horse buyers will click to the next ad. Stick to the facts and state them in a positive manner.


Step 5: Provide your contact information, the best time to call, whether you prefer phone calls or email, and the best time to reach you (include your time zone, as people from all over the country will see your ad).


Step 6: Once your ad is posted, take some videos of your horse. Edit your ad to include the videos, or include a link to the videos on youtube or other hosting service.


Step 7: Strong selling points include a horse bridling easily, standing still to be mounted, riding at all three gaits, stopping, backing, trailering, and accepting spooky objects like tarps, baths and clippers. If these are weak points for your horse, focus on his best points and be sure they are highlighted in your ad.

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very well written on creating a good horse sales ad. 5*
January 05, 2011
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