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How to Find Old Fashioned and Vintage Stereos with Modern CD Player, Radio and Turntable

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Written by Sharyl Stockstill   

When your home is filled with wonderful antiques, it just does not make sense to have an ugly, new fangled gadget such as a CD player or radio cluttering up the style.  Instead, there are several options for old-fashioned styled housing wonderfully up-to-date electronics. 

The Lancaster Entertainment Center 

How long has it been since you have seen a turntable?  Anyone over the age of 40 can still have a stack of vinyl LP records lying around.  Most are collecting dust, but many are gaining in value.  You could be enjoying those records again, while keeping everyone else in your house happy as well. 

The Lancaster Entertainment Center  could well be your answer.  It features a programmable CD player with LED display, three-speed turntable, cassette tape deck, AM/FM radio and stereo speakers.  And the best part is, it looks like it is vintage and fits well with that old fashioned or vintage décor so in favor today.

Crosley(tm) CD/Turntable/Cassette Player 

Crosley has combines a CD Player, Turntable, Cassette player, with a radio is housed in a Hand-rubbed finished cabinet with built in speakers and hinged lid with brass-plated hardware. Crosley(tm) CD/Turntable/Cassette Player comes in either oak or cherry finish and has a wireless remote control.

Cathedral Radio with a CD Player

Do you remember the old fashioned cathedral radio players from the forty’s and fifty’s?  In many television shows from that age, the wooden wonders were played for only an hour once a week.  That was all the time most families could afford to spend listening to the radio. 

There was no such thing as television, much less a CD Player.  Those were such simple times.  Today, the Cathedral Radio with a CD Player has been updated on the interior, but the warmth and character of the original is here to enjoy again.

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tracysmith159 said:

I have one of these. We just love it. Plus we can take any record and put it on CD. Great way to keep the older music alive.
February 20, 2010
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