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How to Make a Rose Petal Bread Dough Necklace
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How to Make a Rose Petal Bread Dough Necklace

This article will teach you how to make rose petal bread dough. Rose petal bread dough is an excellent dough to use for making beads. You can then use the beads to make a necklace! What a great way to turn that bouquet of roses into something that will last a long time! This recipe for rose petal bread dough will make enough beads for one necklace.

Step 1:  Gather the following ingredients to make rose petal bread dough: 1/3 cup of wheat flour (not self rising), 1 tablespoon of salt, 2 tablespoons of water, 3 cups of rose petals, round toothpicks.

Step 2:  Mix the four, salt and water in a bowl to make a stiff dough.

Step 3:  Cut the rose petals into tiny pieces then crush them by rolling them between your fingers.

Step 4:  Mix as may rose petals into your dough as possible without making it crumbly.

Step 5:  Shape small amounts of dough into beads.

Step 6:  Push a round toothpick into each bead to make a hole and leave the toothpick in the bead.

Step 7:  Allow the beads to air dry for one day.

Step 8:  Remove the toothpicks and continue drying the beads for another one or two days or until the beads are completely dry.

Step 9:  String the beads on a cord to make your necklace.

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