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How to Make Alcohol from Common Table Sugar

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Written by Robert Riles   

It is quite possible to use ordinary table sugar (sucrose) into about 20% alcohol using the process of fermentation. The steps are quite easy and doable at home. Read on to know the process.

Things you will need:

Super Yeast
6 Gallons of Alcohol

Steps Involved

1.    You have to first buy the right kind of yeast. Distiller's yeast or super yeast is the most ideal.

2.    It is best to make up to 6 gallons of alcohol at a time because that happens quite effectively using the ingredients we recommend. You will need to take a 7.5 gallon bucket for the process. Make sure the bucket is food grade. Notice that the bucket is 1.5 gallons larger than the amount of alcohol we will be making. This is to collect the foam that will be produced in the process. The bucket must have a fitting lid through which you must drill a hole. Rubber piping is advised so that there will be no air flow into the bucket when the lid is properly closed.

3.    Sterilize the bucket. You will also need a large spoon. Sterilize that too.

4.    You will require 7.5 pounds of sucrose.

5.    Now fill up to 6 gallons (the desired amount) of water in the plastic bucket. The water must be slightly heated to up to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Then add to sugar to it and mix it. The sugar will easily dissolve because of the warm temperature of the water. It might take some time though to get dissolved completely.

6.    The next step is to add all the yeast. Yeast won't dissolve in the solution, so don't expect that. However, you can stir it to make it a kind of suspension.

7.    Close the bucket with the lid now. Close it very firmly so that no air gap is left at all. If you have the rubber piping of the right size, it is a very good idea to use it to make a completely airtight sealing.

8.    Keep the bucket someplace where the temperature is in the vicinity of 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Let it stand there. The yeast will ferment the sugar in the solution to convert it into alcohol. The estimated amount of time is ten days, but it can be sooner depending on environmental conditions.

9.    Your last step is to remove the alcohol that has been prepared and clarify it. You will have to first remove the yeast. Use isinglass for the purpose. You will have to add the isinglass to the solution and close the lid again. It takes at least two days for isinglass to act on clarifying the solution.

10.    You are done now. Take the liquid and filter it through the right medium. You can use a carbon filter so that it can adsorb impurities and give you a clean supernatant liquid, which is the alcohol you have just prepared.

Tips and Warnings

Ensure that the bucket is well sealed with no airlock else it will blow up leading to massive mess-up.
Never drop yeast in the hot sugary water, as the hot water will toss off and kill the super yeast.
Prepare your favorite vodka after complete distillation. Ensure that, this is ultimately a risky practice, because the vapors will be easily ignited and are prohibited in some countries.
As this alcohol is not 100% pure, they taste good and too much intake might lead you a holdover.

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