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How to Wash a Reusable Washable Furnace Filter

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In the average home, the furnace houses disposable furnace filters.  It is easy to forget to replace these filter replacements, or even to run out and buy replacements.  There is now an option to buy a reusable furnace filter in which you just clean it, rather than dispose of it and replace it. 

These filters do not have the typical cardboard surrounding it, instead they have a metal circumference.  This article will explain the basics on how to clean these washable furnace filters.

Step 1:  Place the filter on the floor with the unclean side of the filter facing up towards you.  You want to do this carefully, as to not spill any dirt or debris.

Step 2:  Make sure to have placed t he dirty filter close to an outlet so that you can plug your vacuum cleaner close by.  Use the hose of the vacuum cleaner to thoroughly suck up as much of the dirt as you can, therefore removing all of the loose debris.

Step 3: Take the newly vacuumed filter over to a large basin or sink, preferably one that has a sprayer available to use by it.  Whether using a sprayer or faucet tap, rinse the filter thoroughly with the pressure of the lukewarm water.

Step 4: You can, at this point, use an old rag or a soft-bristled brush to gently wipe the surface of the filter, picking up any remains.

Step 5: Set the filter in a place where it can dry completely before returning it to the furnace.  You will want to repeat this process at a minimum of every three months.

Extra tips:

In step one, you may want to lay an old towel on the floor to avoid dropping any dirt or debris on your carpet or floor and having an extra step of cleaning involved.

When washing the filter in the sink, do not use any soap of any kind, just use water.

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Excellent tips on how to wash a reusable furnace filter. Thanks for sharing valuable tips. 5*****
February 01, 2010
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5 stars for How to Wash a Reusable Washable Furnace Filter because this will save me money!!!
April 12, 2010
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