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How to Organize your sock Drawer

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Written by tracysmith159   

Organizing a sock drawer may seem like an odd and boring subject but it is one draw that is usually just crammed full until it is hard to open and close.  This is because many people roll their sock into a ball so they don’t get lost. Rolling the sock into a ball actually stretches out the sock fibers and the socks where out faster. Or else the socks are folded but easily get separated from their match. I have though about his problem and came up with an easy solution to make the sock lay flat and stay paired up.

Items Needed



Large Paper clips or close pins


Step One

Match up all of the sock in pair laying them flat on a table or hard surface.


Step Two

Place the Paper clip or close pin over each pair of socks.


Step Three

Fold the sock pairs in half.


Step Four

Place the sock neatly into the drawer.

 This will help to keep your sock drawer organized and neat. Plus once you get into the habit of folding and put the clip on the socks, it will become a breeze to find and put away socks.

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roseanne09 said:

I would have never thought of this idea. Thanks for the great article and tips.
January 30, 2010
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Carl Benjamin said:

Carl Benjamin
I need to do this.
January 30, 2010
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