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How to Have An Effective Prayer Life

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Written by Roseanne Pratt   

Having an effective prayer life is very important, and a blessing beyond what anyone can imagine. Remember God's arm in never to short or is he ever to far away to listen to your prayers. All you need is a little faith, and help from above. '

1. The first step to having a good relationship with your heavenly father is to read his word. It is amazing how many do not even believe in a creator. Take a moment and look at your hand. We all know a house cannot build itself or a bridge too.

Reading his holy word everyday will strengthen your faith and hope for a prosperous future. It is truly better to believe and not see than to believe and to see. Pray for the holy spirit to help you understand his word.

2. Take time out for a daily walk with your heavenly father. Acknowledge him and he will acknowledge you. The bible says to love him with all our hearts, lives and with all our strength. He is not partial to anyone and loves all his children that follow and do his commandments. Draw close to him and he will draw close to you. He can be your best friend you have ever had and better.

3. Understand all things are done in his timing. Also remember he always hears your prayer even if you think he doesn't. He will sometimes answer no even if we don't understand why. Time will tell the truth and reason for his answer.

Never give up hope or faith. Remember he knows your thoughts, has a count of all the hair's in your head and knows your heart. You are more important to him than even the angels in heaven. Worship whole heartedly and be still for he will fight for you.

Tips:  Try writing down all your thoughts and concerns and presenting them to him. He cares for you and wants to hear your thoughts. Remember to seek him first and his kingdom to come. Pray in Jesus name with an amen. Give him time to answer your prayers and exercise patience for God is loving, patient, and merciful.

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tracysmith159 said:

Live always seems to get better when I remember to pray.
God is always with us, it is up to us to let him in or push him out.
January 30, 2010
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