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How to do Water Witching (Dowsing)

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Written by Bill Hanks   

I remember seeing an old Hopalong Cassidy movie years ago, that had a guy using a water witch to find water for his ranch.  My father told me that, if done correctly, water witching really worked.  I hadn't thought much about it until three years ago.  I was attending an energy fair in Rolla, Missouri and saw a demonstration, that appeared to work.  With such a demand for water in many areas of the country, I decided to write this article. This article will explain how to do water witching.

Step 1.  You need the right tool.  Although some individuals swear about using a "Y" shaped branch, two "L's" work better .  You can use two wire coat hangers to make your "L's".  You need a good pair of wire cutters to cut off what you don't need.  Make sure both of them are equal in size.

Step 2.  Take the rods outside.  There are two ways to hold the dowsing rods.  A.  Hold them straight out from your body about two feet apart.  Your elbows are in close to your body.  B.  Hold them within six inches of each other.  Your hands should be close together, but elbows are still at your side.  The rods will rotate away from you in this position.

Step 3.  Run a two tests.  Have someone mark a place, where a possible water line might be.  Use the six inch method.  Notice as you get close to the area that the rods will rotate along the water line.

Step 4.  Test two.  Go to a where you know a water line exists for sure.  This could be a water meter next to a fire hydrant.  Hold your rods the same way and watch their response.

Dowsing wires usually will find anything that disturbs the earth's magnetic field.  This could even be underground cables.  However, if you look for water away from this areas, they should work.  Note; If they don't move, there is nothing there.  Practicing with dowsing rods is a great idea.

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jmarwayne said:

I have never done this, but there is a man in my neighborhood who does it quite successfully.
March 05, 2010
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