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How to Add an Amazon Affiliate Tracking ID

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If you sell and market on the internet as an Amazon Affiliate it can be very helpful to add additional Tracking ID's if you have a lot of internet content on websites or blogs.  The Amazon tracking ID's can help you understand where your hits and sales originate from so you can fine turn your internet content.  Since Google Blogger recently added Amazon affiliate sales as a way to monetize a blog, this might be the perfect time to try it out.  Follow these easy steps to add an additional Amazon affiliate tracking ID.

Step 1:  Go to amazon.com and login to your affiliate account.

Step 2.  Click "Account Settings" near the top right of any Amazon Associates page.

Amazon affiliate tracking

Step 3:  Click "Manage your tracking IDs" near the right side of the settings page.

Amazon associate tracking ID

Step 4:  Click the yellow icon labeled "Add Tracking ID".

Add Amazon Affiliate Tracking ID

Step 5:  Create a unique tracking ID with a least 10 characters (numbers or letters).  If the tracking ID you type in is already selected, Amazon will ask you to enter another tracking ID.  The 10 digit ID you select will be displayed in the URL, that the potential buyer will see.  An extension such as -20 will automatically be added to your new tracking ID.  The -xx, indicates a location.  For example, -20 is North America.  Continue to add as many Amazon Affiliate tracking IDs as you want by cliking the "Add Tracking ID" icon again.

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tracysmith159 said:

Thanks. I use amazon affiliates but didn't know about the tracking ID.
February 06, 2010
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Bailey4 said:

Great detailed steps for adding Amazon affiliates. 5*
May 03, 2010
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