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How to Make a Raggedy Andy Halloween Scarecrow
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Written by Darlene Michaud   

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Making Halloween scarecrows is a wonderful craft to do with your kids. Why not try making a Raggedy Andy scarecrow for a change. All you need are a few basic supplies and a little bit of crafty talent and your new scarecrow will soon be sitting on your front porch ready to welcome the trick-or-treaters when they come knocking on your door!

Step 1:  GET THE CLOTHING! To make a Raggedy Andy scarecrow, you will need to look for certain clothing for his body. An old pair of jeans and a plaid shirt are perfect. Use a pair of boots for his feet and some work gloves for his hand. Then you will have to make his head. Try to find a knit fabric in whatever skin color you want. Then cut two circles out of the fabric and sew them together leaving an opening for stuffing the head. If you don't sew, you can use Liquid Thread adhesive (available at Walmart or any craft store).

Step 2:  STUFF YOUR SCARECROW! Now you need to start stuffing your Raggedy Andy scarecrow. And you don't need messy leaves! You can stuff your scarecrow with plastic bags or newspapers so he will last a long time and won't attract bugs. As you stuff him, you can attach the pants to the shirt with large safety pins. Then attach the gloves to the shirt with pins too.

Step 3:  MAKE HIS FACE! Before you stuff his head you need to make the face. You can use buttons for the eyes and a triangle piece of felt for the nose. Then use yarn to make the mouth (or draw it on). A couple buttons at the corners of the mouth will finish off the raggedy look! Now stuff the head and attach it to the shirt with safety pins. Slide the pant legs into the boots and you are done!

Step 4:  DISPLAY RAGGEDY ANDY! Prop your Raggedy Andy Halloween scarecrow in a chair on your front porch so he can greet all the trick-or-treaters that come to your house on Halloween eve. And if you think he may get lonely, make him a Raggedy Ann scarecrow to keep him company! You can even give them a raggedy baby, raggedy dog and raggedy cat! It can be an entire raggedy family!

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