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How to De Ice Car Locks

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To de-ice car locks, get your hand sanitizer out. Hand sanitizer's that contain at least 60% alcohol are sold to help remove germs from your skin. This sanitizer can also help you de-ice your car locks if they become stuck during the winter season. Most De Ice products on the market use rubbing alcohol as the main ingredient but cost a lot more than a bottle of hand sanitizer gel.

Besides if you're locked out of your car how are you going to get to the De-Icers? With all the hype about sickness and staying germ free going on almost everyone has a bottle of hand sanitizer with them. Follow these simpleĀ steps the next time your car locks are frozen and you'll have the problem fixed in no time.

Things you will need:

Hand sanitizer

Step 1:

To de-ice car locks with hand sanitizer you will need to first apply a small amount of hand sanitizer to the lock. Just about the size of a pea to the spot you will be putting your key into the lock.

Step 2

Now you will need to apply a small strip of sanitizer down the length of the key. On the part you will be placing into the lock.

Step 3

Slowly place your key into the lock and the alcohol in the hand sanitizer will melt the ice and free up the lock.

Step 4

If the lock does not come open right away just apply a little more hand sanitizer to make sure it is getting inside the lock mechanism.

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