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How to Get Your Dog to Pee Outside When It Rains

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Written by Beth Weston   

Intro: Meet Bentley - the best dog in the world ... except when it rains. When it rains, my Bentley won't step foot outside. He's not just scared of rain, but of water in general for some reason - sprinklers, hoses, etc. It can be very difficult to get your dog to use the bathroom outside when it's raining. Unless you lucked out with a breed like a Keshound who couldn't care less if he gets wet, you may wind up with a dog that would rather stay in the house or worse, pee on your floor, than pee outside in the rain. This article will give you some tips on how to handle a rainy day with your doggy.

Step 1: The first step in training your dog to use the bathroom outside in the rain is to go out in the backyard with him. Dogs are highly motivated when their masters are excited and encouraging - not yelling. Encourage your pooch to come out in the yard with you. He may reluctantly go out or may sit out under the porch looking at your like you are crazy. But, you have to try to show him that's where you want him to go potty when it's raining. If he does go potty outside, praise him immensely and give him a treat and lots of love. Eventually, he will associate that praise with the potty outside and will be more willing to go outside.

Step 2:  If you have a dog that absolutely refuses to go in the rain, like Bentley, you need to be creative. My pitt bull is scared of water and rain is just torture for him, so I have had to get creative. Train your dog to use the bathroom under the umbrella of your porch or patio covering. You may not want to pick up that potty afterwards, but it's better than having it on your carpet. Give him lots of love and attention if he uses the potty in that area so he learns that it's ok.

Step 3: If you are unable to stay home with your dog during the time it is raining, and he refuses to go in the rain to use the bathroom, you have to restrict his wanderings in your house. Either use a baby gate to keep him in the kitchen or laundry room, or put him in the garage. It is better to have him pinned up in the house since it will be warmer than the garage but if you have to put him in the garage, make sure he has a dog house with a covered entrance and a blanket inside so he stays warm. This way he will go on the garage floor but still have a way to stay warm. If you do pin him up, don't forget his food and water!

Step 4: The final solution to this potty dilema is to put your coat on, put his leash on and take the ol' boy for a walk. He will not enjoy being taken for a walk in the rain, and should use the bathroom rather quickly once he realizes the warmth of his house is not available. An adult dog should be able hold urine up to several hours - sometimes all day - without having to use the bathroom, but make sure you take him out again when you get home.

Tips: You might try putting a rain coat on your dog. Keeping him dry might encourage him to use the bathroom.

Warnings: Never leave your dog outside in the cold and rain to "punish" him for not using the bathroom outside when it's raining. It's unsafe and does not teach anything other than a fear of his master and association of punishment with the rain he already hates.

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