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How to Stay Warm in Freezing Temperatures
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Written by Susan Sutton   


Staying warm in freezing temperatures can be very easy and seem like a no brainer but when it comes to heating your home there are some very important safety tips you should follow to make sure you are staying safe as well as warm in the freezing temperatures. Make sure to follow the steps below to ensure you are warm and safe during the freezing temperatures.

1Stay Warm in Freezing Temperatures   Stay Warm in Freezing Temperatures

First if you are using a heater with an open flame you should install a smoke detector and a carbon monoxide detector.

These should be battery operated and should be located near the heat source.

If you already have these installed make sure to check them twice a year. I suggest Halloween when the weather is first starting to get cold and again on the last day of school for kids. These are easy to remember days for my family just make sure you pick two days that will be easy for your family to remember and one of the days should be at the beginning of the cold season and the other about six months after that

Step 2

Stay Warm in Freezing Temperatures

Next if you are using a fireplace make sure to have your chimney cleaned and inspected once a year. This should be before the weather gets cold to make sure there are no chances of starting your home on fire when you just trying to warm it up.

You should also avoid burning anything that could produce flying embers like paper. These can get out of the fireplace and cause a house fire in a matter of minutes.

Step 3

Stay Warm in Freezing Temperatures

Finally space heaters can be used to help you stay warm during freezing temperatures. Just remember you should always use caution when you use a space heater.

Make sure any space heaters are at least three feet from anything that could catch fire. This includes curtains furniture, pet bedding... Also never place the space heater by water since it is plugged into the electric this could have a deadly consequence.

The space heater should be place firmly on the floor with the cord out of the way from possible trips. It is not safe to place a rug over the cord since the cord can get hot and start a fire if constricted under the rug.

Also you should never leave small children alone with a space heater, even the ones with the auto shut off. The heater will still be hot for a few minutes after it shuts off and can burn a child's delicate skin.

Step 4

Stay Warm in Freezing Temperatures

Lastly and most importantly make sure you invest in a good fire extinguisher just in case. Better safe than sorry!

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