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How to Brew Compost Tea to Fertilize Your Plants

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Written by Dena Bolton   

how to brew compost tea to fertilize your plantsIntro:  Every gardener knows that compost is one of the best things you can give your plants. It provides loads of nutrients that encourage growth and promote plant health. Compost also helps to make plants more disease-resistant. You can use this same nutrient-rich compost to make a wonderful natural fertilizer for all of your plants, including your houseplants, by brewing up your own compost tea.

Step 1:  Put about a cup of compost in a cloth bag and close. You can also use a perforated plastic bag in which some vegetables and fruit are sold. (The plastic bags used for potatoes are great. You can use the bags in which grapes are sold, too. These bags usually have a zip lock seal, too, which is handy.)

Step 2:  Place your bag of compost in a gallon of water and let it steep for at least three days. For a stronger tea, you can allow it to steep longer.

Step 3:  Remove the bag, and use the compost tea full strength for occasional fertilizing. If you want to fertilize your plants more frequently, dilute the tea with water.


•Old panty hose can be used if you have no perforated plastic bags.

•Place a stick or a piece of wood across your bucket and tie your bag of compost to it.  This will make it easier to remove the bag later.

•Container plants need to be fertilized more regularly than plants growing in the ground. This means you should remember to also fertilize your houseplants regularly.

•Use compost tea on dry patches in your lawn, especially during drought periods.

•You might also be interested in reading my article Serious Composting for Serious Recycling.


•Do not use compost tea on foliage. Foliage can be burned if the tea is too strong.




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