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How to Find the Four Great Classical Novels Of Chinese Literature in English

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Written by Daryl J.   

How to Find the Four Great Classical Novels Of Chinese Literature in English


The Four Great Classical Novels of China are Hong Lou Meng (紅樓夢), San Guo Yan Yi (三國演義), Shui Hu Zhuan (水滸傳), and Xi You Ji (西遊記). Their respective English titles are "Dream of the Red Chamber" aka "The Story of the Stone", "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" aka "Three Kingdoms", "Water Margin" aka "Outlaws of the Marsh", and "Journey to the West" aka "Monkey".  These great novels of Chinese literature are well worth the reading! But as time marches on it is getting harder and harder to find these works translated into English. The following will give you steps in finding copies translated in English.

1. Go to your local neighbor chain bookstore like Borders and Barnes & Noble. If they do not have it on their shelves, they maybe able to find it at another one of their stores or they may be ab to order it for you.

2. Try some popular used book stores. You may be lucky and find that they may have a copy of the books you are looking for. Sometimes when trying to make some room or to get a few extra dollars people do sale parts of their book collection to used stores.

3. Ordering a copy online at Amazon.com. Borders Online, or Barnes & Noble may get you one or all the titles you are looking for. Sometimes books are only available online.

4. Sometimes you are able to find these titles translated in English at your locate library. Many times though they are in their native Chinese language and only at the branch that service a particular Chinese/Asian community.

No matter where you find them reading the stories is a wonderful treat and a great conversational piece with Chinese (educated in China) who have undoubtedly read these stories when they were younger.

Note: Prior to the publication of Hong Lou Meng (紅樓夢) in the 18th century, Jin Ping Mei (金瓶梅) "The Plum in the Golden Vase" aka "The Golden Lotus" was considered the fourth of the Great Classical Novels of Chinese Literature, but was replaced by Hong Lou Meng (紅樓夢) because of its explicit discription of sex and most of its existence it has been banned from reading.

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January 19, 2010
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