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How to call upon your Guardian Angel for Help

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Written by Bill Hanks   

Many individuals, of strong faith, believe in the existence of Guardian Angels.  The Catholic religion, along with others, believe that a Guardian Angel is assigned to a person for life, when they are born.  The Guardian Angel looks over and protects a person to a degree.  Many individuals feel that they are watched over, by more than just one angel.  I recently came across an article written by Sue Storm.  She believes that there are Angels for all needs, including financial.

If you are a non-religious individual, this article will seem along the order of the Tooth Fairy.  However, if you believe in Guardian Angels, you might find some interest in this article.  This article explains how Guardian Angels can help you financially.

Step One;  Communicating with a Guardian Angel is easy.  Find a quiet place to sit and communicate.  Do not pray to them.  Since they have never lived in time and space, it is best to add affirmations to your request.  Be sure to be clear and concise in what you ask for.  According to Sue, there are twelve different Guardian Angels.  There are Angels for abundance, opportunity, manifesting, career development, interviewing, employment, financial security, investments, success, prosperity, good fortune, and gratitude.

Step Two;  Each of the above Guardian Angels can be called upon, when you feel the need to communicate with them.  You simply pick out your need and begin meditating.  Focus on one of the above particular needs.  You can quietly talk to them or simply meditate in your mind for your request.  Explain why you are seeking help. Once your goals have been achieved, affirm that you are thankful and grateful.  Let them know that you appreciate the joy that they have brought to your life.

Step Three;  Be patient.  Like everything else, time is not a major factor.  It is the final result that is.  Guardian Angels have no sense of a time limit.  The key to successful communication is saying, "Angel, I need your help."  Then make your request from there.

sources;  Guideangel.com

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