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How To Make A St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock Pin With a Child

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Written by Sandra R. Harris-Gompf   


Do you remember what happened on St. Patrick’s Days when you were a child and you forgot to wear green?  You got lots of pinches, didn’t you?  Every parent wants better things for their child.  You can protect your child from the dreaded St. Patrick’s Day pinch and have fun doing it when you work together to craft this St. Patrick’s Day pin.

Things You’ll Need:

Wooden Heart Shapes

Wooden Circle Shapes

Low Temperature Hot Melt Glue Gun and Glue

Green Acrylic Paint


Pin Backs

Glitter Glue (Optional)


Step One: Buy the supplies from a craft store with your child.  Let them choose the color of green acrylic paint that they want to use.

Step Two: Have the child pick four heart shapes and one circle shape.  Let them paint the shapes, starting with the edges, then the top of the shapes.  Let the paint dry.  Acrylic paint dries fast.

Step Three: When the paint is dry, turn the circle over and divide the unpainted side into equal quarters.  This is for easier placement of the heart shapes.  You may want to put the hot melt glue on the shape if you are working with a very young child.  Put a small dot of glue in one segment of the circle and have your child place the pointy edge of the heart down on the segment.  Slide the heart point right up to the segment lines.

Step Four: Complete the gluing and placement of the hearts.  All of the pointy ends should touch forming a Shamrock.

Step Five: Turn the glued Shamrock over on its face.  Run a bead of hot melt glue across the circle shape.  Have your child press the pin back on the glue.

Step Six: This option is up to your child.  Squeeze glitter glue on the face of the Shamrock and smear it over the surface of the pin front and into the cracks between the hearts.  Let it dry.  Pin the glittery Shamrock to your shirt.


Place the chosen heart pieces together to test the fit before gluing.  After gluing, if the heart pieces fit cockeyed, they can be pried off.  Reheat the glue on the circle with the tip of the hot melt glue gun and then attach the heart shapes again.



If you let your child use the glue gun, make sure it is a low temperature hot melt glue gun.  I would not recommend that a child under the age of 10 use a hot melt glue gun.  Set a glass of ice water on the table next to the project for dipping a burnt finger into.  It will cool down the burn caused by hot glue.

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