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How To Give A Hot Wax Massage

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Written by Sandra R. Harris-Gompf   


A hot wax massage can be sensual and therapeutic, especially if you use a soy candle.  Soy candles melt at just above body temperature, so the person being massaged gets the benefit of heat without getting burned.  Soy candles also contain oils that are good for the skin.  Use a heart massager that is activated by bending the metal disc inside, causing heat through crystallization of the contents.  The 129 degree heart massager stays warm for an hour, keeping the wax pliable and giving the masseuse plenty of time to give a full body massage.

Things You’ll Need:

Soy Candle


Heart Massager (reusable heat pack)


Step One:

Light the soy candle to melt the wax.  Bend the metal disc in the reusable heart massager to start the crystallization process.  Squeeze the heart to break up the crystals from a solid mass to a malleable slush.


Step Two:

When the wax is melted, blow out the candle.  From a height of about two feet, slowly pour a small amount of wax onto the back of the person being massaged.  (Relight the candle to get it ready for the next application of wax.)  Use the heart to massage the soy wax across the shoulders and down the back and buttocks. Use slow, firm, sensual strokes to build sexual tension: long strokes on the back, circular strokes on the buttocks.


Step Three:

Using the heart massager, drag the soy wax down each arm with long firm strokes. Use tight circular strokes on the back of the hands.  Use the same technique on the legs, taking special care to stroke lightly on the insides of the thighs.



Step Four:

Ask the person being massaged to roll over on their back and close their eyes.  Blow out the candle.  Vary the height between two feet and six inches as you slowly pour the wax across their chest and down their abdomen.  Use the heart massager to make slow, gentle, figure eight strokes around the nipples and across the chest.  Drag the heart massager firmly over the abdomen and lightly across the genitals to the upper thighs.  Use long firm strokes down the legs to the feet.  Work your way back up the legs with slow teasing strokes and lightly massage the inner thighs, then the lower abdomen, working your way slowly to the genitalia.  Manipulate the genitalia with the heart massager culminating the massage with an orgasm or sexual intercourse.



Watch for your partner’s reactions and change your massage accordingly.


Refrain from hurrying the massage.  You want to tease and build sexual tension.



Make sure to blow out the candle before applying the hot wax.

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PBenfield said:

Where do you purchase this kind of candle with the heart for use? This sounds like a great ma*sage to give and get.
January 19, 2010
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srhgompf said:

I am a consultant for Pure Romance. In my About Me, there is a link to my Pure Romance website. You can buy the heart ma*sager and the heart shaped candle there. Must be 18+ to order!

Using two ma*sagers - one in each hand - is the better technique!)
February 28, 2010
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