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How to use herbs to treat chronic nose bleeds

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Nosebleeds are a common health condition that can happen to anyone at any age. They actually look pretty bad at times especially if it's your child who's nose is bleeding. During the winter months when the weather is cold because the cold weather dries out the nose. If you have a cold and blow your nose frequently your likely to get a nose bleed because the delicate lining to the nose can be damaged. Also, frequent nosebleeds can be a sign of having anemia. To stop a nosebleed you should sit and lean forward to prevent the blood from going down the throat, Using your fingertips you are going to pinch your nose right above the nostrils and you are going to hold it for about 5-10 minutes and the bleeding should have stopped. To reduce chronic nosebleeds you need to strengthen the blood vessels in the nasal passages. Here are a few herbal remedies that will help you do so. 

If taken locally or internally this herb can be used to stop bleeding. It also tone tissue. Place 1-2 drops of tincture on a Quip or cotton swab and place it in the nose close as you can to the area that's bleeding. Or you can place 1 tsp of bark stepped with one cup of hot water for about thirty minutes. 

This is ideal for healing tissue that has been traumatize because it serves as a antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and demulcent. Get 2 tbsp of calendula flowers and infuse it in 1 cup of hot water. You are going to apply it to the nasal tissue until the bleeding has stopped

This is great for acute nosebleeds. You are going to combine it with demulcent herb( corn sil or oat) because this balances the effect of the astringent. You should take 2 ml in water twice a day.

Grape Seed
Grape seed extract is used to increase the integrity of blood vessels and helps prevent damage caused by toxins and chemicals. It's recommended to take 300 mg daily for about three weeks. After three weeks you should decrease the dosage to 75 mg a day. This helps prevent future nosebleeds.

Blueberries, bill berry, and huckleberries
These berries carries high levels of antioxidants flavanoids and phenolic acids, these ensures and promotes strength for the vessels. Simply eat one cup of a mixture of the berries a day.


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