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How to Ask Someone to Be Your Valentine

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It’s that time of the year again; love is in the air, and the birds are chirping sweet songs of romance. It’s that one day of the year where two hearts beat as one, where two hands hold each other in a love that’s made to last forever. Maybe it’s time you found your own Valentine, and lived your dream of a beautiful love story even if it’s just for one day.

Whether it’s someone you admire and adore so much, or if it’s that one person who means so much to you, asking someone to be your Valentine can get quite tricky. You can even get very emotional and have your good judgment impaired by what you feel. Here are some tips to help you ask that special someone to be your Valentine.

Be Straightforward

Like many things about love and romance, words can only get you so far. Many people have a way with words, but lengthy romantic odes asking someone for a night out usually have the same expected effect as, “Can you be my Valentine?” or “May I take you out on a date tonight?” If you’re straightforward with asking that special someone about going out on a date, you increase your chances of success:

Be confident. You don’t have to intimidate your prospective date with a proposal that may come across as a threat. Confidence is key when you want to invite someone to a date, and even more so if you seriously want to pursue a long-term romantic relationship.

Avoid the “chick flick” approach. Sometimes you may be tempted to take your cue from romantic movies, “Romeo and Juliet,” or heartwarming novels about young love and sweet love. Real life doesn’t work that way; most of the time, people just want to be treated as special persons who are invited on dates just because of who they are, and not because you were inspired by the powerful script of a chick flick.

Be sincere. If your only intention is to go out on a date because you want to prove something to yourself or to your friends, then you’re going about the Valentine’s spirit all wrong. Remember that the most important person in the world at that very moment is the one you’re asking out on a date, so you should treat him or her with sincerity and honesty.

Use the “Bridge”

Maybe you’re just too shy to ask someone out on a date, and you wish that someone else could do it for you. A “bridge” is a trusted friend who can act as the person who sets up a date between you and your prospective Valentine.

The “bridge” makes it convenient for you to score the win for Valentine’s Day, but it may come across as scripted or even offensive for some people. Worse, the “bridge” may even take advantage of the situation and take away your date, wrecking all your plans for that special day. Only use a “bridge” when you’re absolutely shy, and you can’t manage to score the date on your own.

Make It Romantic

As much as some people don’t like date proposals to be wishy-washy, it doesn’t hurt to make your date proposal sound, feel, and look very romantic. Think of a date proposal as a way for you to give your prospective date a taste of things to come when he or she does agree to go out on a Valentine’s Day date. Here are two ways that you can do it:

Write a letter or a poem. As long as you write the letter or poem on your own, and you’re sincere about your thoughts, then you’re good to go for a possible Valentine’s Day date. You can send the letter through a trusted friend, put it inside your special someone’s locker, or mail it through a courier service. You may even try romantic ways of delivering the letter or poem, like through a carrier pigeon or a message in a bottle.

Serenade. There’s nothing like the gentle strumming of a guitar and the sounds of love songs in the air to get that answer you’re looking for. One way that you could get your special someone to agree to a Valentine’s Day date is to take up your guitar and sing the most romantic and most meaningful song you can think of. Don’t make it too sappy, because you may end up annoying or turning off your prospected date.

Anticipate Rejection

Like many things about love, you need to realize that no amount of advice guarantees a 100% chance for success in dating. At best, you can only hope that your efforts will pay off in a positive way, but you should also anticipate that your dating strategies and tactics may fail. Yet as long as you made your feelings known and you’re comfortable with the idea of losing out on a date half the time, one date rejection on Valentine’s Day does not mean that your love life is over. Go out, explore other ways of having fun; sooner or later, you’ll find that someone you’ll date more often than just for one Valentine’s Day.

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