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How to Spend Less Money on Pet Food

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Written by QuackJack   

Especially during money crunch times, saving money on pet food, may become a priority, and your pets will appreciate it also. In many stores, more than just people food is going up in price.

(1)      Mix food left overs with dry pet food. This can mean less money spent on dry pet food each day. (Do not include food with hot peppers such as Jalapenos. Your reward, for overlooking this detail, may get you bit or clawed. However, cats seem to enjoy hot wings and don't seem to mind the medium hot sauce).

(2)      Consider the negatives you have heard about feeding pets scraps and consider who started these rumors. The rumors probably originated with someone that is involved with the sales of pet foods. You see a printed read out of all the healthy nutrients, that are in pet foods, and the special ingredients for puppies and kittens. Aren't many of these ingredients obtained from what could be classified as scraps?

(3)      Consider the ingredients of many pet foods. A main ingredient of many dry pet foods is corn meal and animal flavorings. Can this be simulated by mingling meat scraps or animal grease into day old cornbread? What is the difference?

(4)      Many cats appear to like certain dog foods, about as well as certain cat foods. (You get more dog food per dollar). Another route is to mingle 50/50 cat food with dog. You also can add a tea spoon of vegetable oil to the dog food to give it a better taste. (Make sure you use small nugget type dog food for cats especially if kittens are involved).

(5)      You can buy a cheap dog food and mingle it with a choice brand, your dog likes. Dogs like a variety too.

(6)      Cats and dogs and kittens and puppies survived for centuries without store bought food especially for animals.

(7)      Another way to save money on pet food is to eliminate rats and mice that may be eating some of your pet's food.

(8)      A risk of feeding pets too much scrap food, over a long period of time, is obesity, that could lead to poor health. Pets that are given only dry pet food are not likely to eat too much. So don't over feed your pets, when giving them scraps.

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ShawnCVT said:

Commercially available pet foods are made to be nutritionally complete for that species. Cats shouldn't recieve dog food since it is too low in taurine, which can lead to blindness and heart issues.
Some people foods such as onions and grapes can be poisonous to pets.
Some pets need to be meal fed as they will eat too much of any type of food put in front of them.
Seek veterinarian advice before putting special needs pets on any table scraps.
January 31, 2010
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QuackJack said:

This how to spend less money article is directed primarily at houses of commons, not houses of lords. Step 8 covers over feeding pets. With double digit unemployment and probably an all time high record being set for home losses, there are many that cannot afford to feed themselves as they would prefer, let alone their pets. (Foods that contain taurine apparently could be a good additive to a pets meal). I don't recall seeing a pet eat onions.
February 01, 2010
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