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How to administer intravenous medications using IV push

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The administration of intravenous Medication via IV push involves application of nursing knowledge and critical thinking. The nurse inform the UAP of the intended therapeutic effects  and side effects  of the medication directly to the UAP to report specific client observation

Things You'll Need:
Medication in a vial or ampule
Sterile syringe (3 to 5 ml) (to prepare the medication)
Sterile needles #21 to #25 gauge
Antiseptic swabs
Watch with a digital readout or second hand
Clean gloves

1. Perform hand hygiene and observe other appropriate infection control procedure.
2. Prepare the medication
3. Put a small gauge on the syringe  if using a needle system
4. Perform hand hygiene on the clean gloves. This reduces the transmission of microorganisms and reduces the likelihood of the nurses hands contacting the clients blood
5. Provide client privacy
6. Prepare the client
7. Explain the purpose of the medication and how it will help, using the language that the client will understand. Include relevant information about the effects of the medication given.
8. Administer the medication by IV push. Bounce (2003) reported that the use of “push-stop-push-stop” technique is helpful, specially foe central venous catheters. This creates a turbulence in the flow through the catheter which reduces the residue build-up in the line and potential occlusion

Tips and warnings.
Always be sure to look at the clients name tag instead of asking the patient himself as this may cause errors as the client himself is not as reliable as the tag of a nurse

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