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How to stay warm during a bitter cold winter

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Written by Priscilla Benfield   

Winter can be brutally cold. The cost of heating oil rises and staying warm becomes harder to do. How do you keep warm when the wind is howling outside? You can turn up your thermostat but then be prepared for higher home heating bills. There are ways to keep warm without turning up the heat.

1- Get moving. Physical activity gets your blood flowing and warms you up. You can keep your thermostat on a lower setting if you plan on some projects to do around the house. Doing a good spring cleaning in the middle of winter can warm you up in no time and gives you the added benefit of a clean house!

2- Wear layers. If the idea of staying cozy warm inside your home is more appealing to you, layer your clothing, put on a warm robe and snuggle up under a warm blanket. Lose yourself in a good book, maybe about an island romance. Visualize being there and start warming up while you escape in a good book.

3- Bake. Having your oven on will help to heat up the house and it will give a nice homemade treat for dessert for your family.

4- On very windy days, keeps curtains closed and mini-blinds down. This will help with drafts. Also designate an entry and exit door to be used that does not enter into the main part of your home. A door opening and closing lets in cold air and makes your heating system work harder.

5- Need to get the chill out? Drink a nice cup of tea. Herbal, green, black, whatever kind of tea you like, tea is relaxing to drink and it will warm you up on a cold winter's day.

6- Home exercising can warm you up. This also has a double benefit. Staying fit during the winter and losing those holiday pounds can be an added plus to staying warm by doing some exercise at home.


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roanna said:

Thank you for the tips!Thick curtains on the windows really help to keep your house warm! and tea and layers of clothes will help you stay warm.

very nice article!
January 08, 2010
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