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How to Change Image Size in Windows 7 Paint
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Written by Doug Rogers   

The Windows 7 Paint program has a new look.  Along with the new look are changes to the location of different buttons and features.  If you need to change the image size in Paint for Windows 7, this article will show you how.

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Step 1:  Open up the Paint program by clicking the Start icon in the lower right corner, then click "All Programs", then click "Accessories", and last click the Paint icon.

Step 2:  Press Control + E to open the properties dialog box.

Step 3:  Select the units for the image size under "units".  You can select either inches, centimeters, or pixels.

Step 4:  Select the size of the image by changing the "Width" and "Height" parameters.  The default image size is 614 x 360 pixels or 6.4" x 3.75".

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