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How to make Banana Infused/Flavored Simple Syrup

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Simple syrup is an easy to make solution used for drink recipes and cooking. It is simply sugar infused into water. As granulated sugar doesn’t dissolve well into cold drinks, people use simple syrup in place of sugar as it doesn’t leave a residue on the bottom of the glass as adding straight sugar would. The resulting solution can be used to sweeten up drinks, cocktails, coffee or in dessert recipes. While the normal syrup is simply syrup, these syrups can be infused with different flavors to make exotic syrups and thus exotic drinks or desserts. Banana is great to try. Read below on how to infuse simple syrup with Banana to make this uniquely flavored syrup.

Banana Juice or Puree

Banana (Peeled & Cut into pieces)

Boiling Water

Pot or Teapot

Heat Resistant Container

Granulated Sugar

Step 1: Take 4 oz of water, 4 oz. of Banana Juice, 1 Banana and 8 oz. of granulated sugar. If you’d like more simple syrup, simply double the starting amounts of water, juice and sugar. The equation, no matter what the ending result is equal parts of sugar, (water and juice totaling the same amount of sugar). For example, 4 oz. of water plus 4 oz. of Banana Juice equals 8 oz. total, to the 8 oz. of sugar.


Step 2: Bring the water to a boil by either placing in a teapot or cooking pot to boil the water. If you are doing this in a restaurant or bar, a great easy way to get the boiling water is to use the hot water spout from the coffee machine, and then have a heat resistant container ready. This saves a lot of time and clean up, should you have this wonderful resource.


Step 3: Next add the granulated sugar and Banana Juice, (4 oz. Banana Juice), 1 Banana. Pour the sugar, Banana & Banana Juice into the cooking pot or if using the ready hot water from the coffee machine spout or teapot, pour into a heat resistant container all together. Stir the sugar, Banana Juice, Banana and water together until the sugar dissolves completely. Time is the key here. If you leave the Banana in for a longer period of time the stronger the flavor will be. Think steeping tea.


Step 4: Let the syrup cool down. You can either remove the Banana or leave it. By leaving the Banana in, you’ll have stronger flavored syrup. Use a strainer to remove the Banana. Now the fun part, what to use this with…Cocktails anyone? Enjoy!



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