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How to Stop the Itch Permanently

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Written by QuackJack   

You can spend a lot of money on itch relieving creams to get temporary relief., but you haven't solved your problem. The itches may take a break and attack again. Psoriasis, according to a dictionary, yields red patches of scaly skin. Ring worms may also cause similar visible effects. (After reading the book "The Fungus Link" by Doug A Kaufmann, I experimented and have proved that step one of this article does work for certain type or types of itches).

(1) Try starving out unwelcome guests from your body. Starving out fungi and perhaps other small invisible to the naked eye living organisms, can bring some itches to a halt within a day or so. After learning that brewer's yeast is a desirable food for some fungi, I eliminated beer from my diet. (I had been drinking beer to relieve the pain caused from scratching my itching legs). A day or so later the itching stopped, after perhaps a month or more of suffering.

(2)  Experiment by eliminatiing certain foods from your diet to stop itches. Read the fine print for the ingredients of the food you buy.

(3) In order to prevent certain unwelcome guests from entering into your body, whether it be ring worms or whatever, learn what to avoid coming into contact with. In other words, if you come into close contact with an infected person or plant, such as a hedge bush, that causes you to immediately feel itching sensations, stay away from that plant or person. Cut down or burn the bush.

(4) The itches mentioned above prevail mostly between the navel and the ankles. Perhaps tender skin, that is normally clothed, is certain fungi and others primary place of survival  A lot of itches acquired while outdoors, that occur mostly above the waist can often be remedied with glycerin oil, vinegar, or other germ killers.

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