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How to Catch a Man Cheating

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Written by Teneya Brown   

Hello there, let's talk. I'm going to teach you how to set up a man. If you think your man is cheating on you, this is what you do...

You can try spoof calling him, have a friend call him on three way saying that she met him some where that you know he went out to one night with the guys.

Make up a fake facebook and be his friend and chat with him to see if he'll tell you the things you wanna know if he has a facebook.

Plant underwear around his room and ask him who they belong to to see what kind of reaction you get out of him.

Follow him at a location and then call him asking him where he is and what he's doing to see if he'll tell you the truth

Have a friend randomly call his phone while you and him are hanging out together to see his reaction and to see what he'll say.

Pop up unannounced at his home, if he lives with you tell him you're going somewhere and give him a time that you'll be back, then pop up on him early or try to "be" at the same places he is when he hangs out with his friends, as if you didnt know he was going to be there.

Remember, always dress really, really hot when doing this, because if he is cheating, you want him to be like, "Damn, I cheated on that?" But then again, if you're looking for a fight after you catch him up, wear jogging pants, gymshoes, you're hair in a ponytail no earrings and vaseline on your body to keep the blows from sticking to you.

You can tell when a man is up to no good by the reactions on their faces when they see you after a surprise pop up. Hmmm some use the direct approach. They ask the famous line, "Are you cheating on me?"

Never ask that, because you're never going to get the truthful answer, but then again, if the relationship was on a deadend anyway, you just might get the truthful answer, expect it to hurt. Men are greedy, they might love you, but they are curious when it comes to other women.

Things like clothes, hairstyles, makeup, and certain body parts turn them on. Don't know why, but they wanna try. If your man is not a cheater, or has not cheated on you, nagging him and not trusting him will drive him to it. If he hasn't given you a reason to think he is cheating, then leave it alone, if he has given you reasons and you feel like you wanna find out for sure, then use one of my suggestions above, once you find out the truth, whether its good or bad, then get your closure and move the hell on.

If he has cheated, but you didnt get the closure you need and want revenge, I also have a "How to get revenge on your cheating man", article.

                                                                                                                    -Reese 12/29/09

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