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How to amend deductions and credits on prior years tax return

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Would you like to receive a little extra on your tax return? There is a possibility that you can make an amendment on your prior years tax returns. If it's been 3 years after the date you filed a particular return or  2 years after you have paid your taxes you may still be able to file a form 1040x which is a Amended U.S Individual Income tax return.
Here is a list of items to look into on the year tax return in question.

Social Security Taxes Withheld
If you had more than one employer and they were both withholding social security taxes, they may have been withholding too much from you. 

Deductions Or Credits For Education
Check to see if you were qualified at the time you filed your return for education credits from Hope Credit or Lifetime learning credit. Don't forget that you can deduct for your general education expenses 

Child Care Credit
If you were paying someone to care for your child or another family member who is your dependent so that you can work, you could be entitled for a child care credit. 

Volunteer Expenses
If you have volunteered at a qualified charitable organization you could deduct expenses such as transportation and supplies. You cannot deduct time spent for volunteer services.

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