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How to Keep a Baked Potato Hot

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Written by Darlene Michaud   

How to Keep a Baked Potato Hot

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If you are serving baked potatoes for dinner you will either be putting the potatoes in the microwave to "bake" or in the oven to bake the old fashioned way. That means your oven or the microwave will not be available to use while the potatoes are cooking. So what do you do? Cook the baked potatoes well in advance then just follow the steps below to keep them hot until dinner is ready to serve!

Step 1:  BAKE YOUR POTATOES -- Bake your potatoes using your favorite method, either in a conventional oven or in the microwave.

Step 2:  WRAP YOUR POTATOES IN FOIL -- After your potatoes are baked, wrap each potato individually in a piece of aluminum foil.

Step 3:  WRAP THE FOILED POTATOES IN A TOWEL -- After you wrap each potato in foil gather them together and wrap them in a towel.  Make sure they are completely covered by the towel.

Step 4:  PUT THE BUNDLE OF WRAPPED POTATOES IN A BAG -- One you get all the potatoes wrapped in foil and bundled up in a towel put them in a bag to hold everything together.  Then just put the bag somewhere out of the way.

Step 5:  SERVE THE HOT POTATOES -- When it's time to eat take the potatoes out of the bag and remove the towel.  Leave the foil on and just serve the potato on the dinner plate in the foil. Let each person remove the foil if they want (watch out, those potatoes are hot!) or just have them cut a cross in the foil and add their favorite potato topping!

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