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How to improve restaurant/bar atmosphere by improving employees

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Written by Carlos Batista   

How to improve restaurant/bar atmosphere by improving employees


No matter how great your food is employees will make or break your business. In the hospitality field of bars or restaurants, employees are integral to what kind of atmosphere you’ll create. Here are a few tips on improving employees to create the atmosphere you desire.


Step 1: Bad moods and impatient attitudes from staff do not attract guests into you bar or restaurant. We all have bad days, but nothing is worse than the employee that hates their job and isn’t afraid to let the customers know about it. We go to bars to forget our troubles not hear about the staff’s issues. Whenever possible, talk with employees to do everything you can to make them have a positive attitude. Solicit feedback from them on what they’d like to see changed. Perhaps they just need some appreciation. But sometimes they may just not be the correct fit and need to accept that fact. Talk with them to help them realize this fact as well.


Step 2: If employees look like they just rolled out of bed after having slept in their uniform, there is a problem. If an employee looks like they haven’t had a shower or smell can be terrible as well. I’d give a second thought on coming to a restaurant where it looks like no concern is made for the staff’s cleanliness, so how clean could the kitchen be? Have a training session, or employee grooming standard. By having standards in writing they’re easier to enforce. Also, make sure you hire properly, and if possible buy uniforms for staff.


Step 3: It’s great if you have regulars. But it’s not great when employees favor them over new potential new regular guests. Make sure that your staff doesn’t spend too much time with just the same guests. Prevent “friends” of staff from visiting as well. By having staffs rotate shifts, and sections you can prevent the same people getting great service while others are left to wait. This will also help in bars when “regulars” sometimes get free drinks or food.




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