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How to keep from spoiling our children during Christmas

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Written by Teresa Farmer   

Santa Claus will ask children what they want for Christmas and the list goes on and on. Of course we want to give good gifts to our children but it must be within reason. We also don’t want to spoil them into thinking they can get anything they want no matter what the cost is.  

We know how long children will play with presents, not very long and they cost outrageous prices. Why should we go in debt just to get them everything they want and then we worry on how to pay for the items.

Now days, children don’t want small things, they want the very expensive things that the other children have just to stay up with the Jones’s. There is nothing wrong at all about being rich, I wish I had more myself, but we should only buy things that we can afford and not go in debt for. If children scream and throw fits when they are young and we give in to them, we are setting very bad examples for them. They are in for a rude awakening when they get out in the real world. We should be teaching them that their morals and values are more important than materialistic things. 

Here are several ways we can give to our children and give to the world at the same time without spoiling them.

1. The old saying goes “action speaks louder than words”, so take the whole family to the homeless shelters and let them see that others need things worse off than we do. Children really love to give to the poor. They love to give the homeless children new coats and shoes and toys. Let the children be a part of this and let them go shopping for them. Find out the child’s sizes and let your child pick the things they want to give to them. This can be part of their Christmas, knowing they are helping make another child happy at Christmas. Remind them since they don’t have as many presents under their tree is because they helped another child have presents under their tree. This way when they all wake up on Christmas morning they will all have presents to open. This should make your child very happy. If you do something like this every year, they will grow up giving to someone else instead of wanting for themselves all the time.

2. Let the children help bake cookies and candies and all kind of goodies to take too the nursing homes for the elderly. This will be a very exciting day for them and for you as well. Some nursing homes will let you take small animals in with you and the elderly really love animals. Some people there will have no one to visit them during the holidays and this is so sad. This would be a great way to give to others of yourself and teaching your children to respect the elderly also. Help your children have this kind of act come as second nature to them and hopefully they will want to do things like this every year.

3. Take your children to a hospital where there are very ill children. Let your child take some toys to the children and play with them if they are able to play. Only take them where the disease is not contagious. Some of these children will not see another Christmas. Explain to them they can help give to certain foundations for sick children. Some of their Christmas money can go to the foundation of their choice. Help them to understand what each foundation does and what they do for the children, maybe how they save lives by the medicines they need or other treatments they need. This is a gift that keeps on giving.

4. Always teach your children to be polite and to say thank you to everyone. If a child is taught to do this, they won’t throw fits and misbehave so much. They don’t want other people seeing them doing this and they will actually embarrass themselves, so they will quit. Saying thank you every day will become a habit to them and will come naturally to them as they grow older. I think these children will do better in school and show much respect to their teachers.

5. Let the children make up their Christmas list. Tell them that you will be picking out just a few of the items so this will be a surprise to them to see which ones they actually get. Most children will play with a toy half hour probably at the most, so make your decision on which ones to get wisely. This should give you an ideal which ones are the best for them and your pocketbook.

Tips: Remember if we show love to others around the holidays and we are not greedy, our children are watching us and they will want to be just like you. Instill in your children the gift of giving that will last a lifetime.

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