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How to Make Stained Glass Cookies...They Are Easier to Make Than You Think!

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Looking for a special cookie that will surprise your family and guests? Stained Glass Cookies look hard to make but in realty, they are just simple sugar cookies with “stained glass” made from crushed Jolly Rancher candies! They are so simple, that even the children can help! Grab your hammer (yes, you will need a hammer) and a pair of safety glasses and start baking...


You will need:

Refrigerator sugar cookie dough

Jolly Rancher candy-assorted colors

cookie cutters

cookie sheets

cooling racks

aluminum foil (optional)

plastic bags


safety glasses




ribbon (optional)


In advance of cutting out the cookies, prepare the “stained glass”. Separate the candy by color and unwrap. Place each color into a plastic bag that can be sealed; place the bag in another bag and seal. Wrap the bags holding the candy in a dish towel. Put on the safety glasses and grab the hammer. Crush the candy into colored dust. Make sure all the pieces are crushed! Repeat process with each color.


Following the instructions on the refrigerator cookie dough package for rolling out the dough. Do not roll the dough too thin as the edges of the cookie must hold the stained glass in place. Cut out the cookies with cookie cutters and place on cookie sheet lined with aluminum foil for easy clean up.


Cut out a middle section of each cookie. I've used lids from bottles to make a circles but you can also use a knife to cut squares. Use a teaspoon to carefully fill the open areas in the middle of the cookie with candy dust. You can use one color or mix several together.


Bake the cookies as directed on the package.


When the cookies have finished baking, remove them from the cookie sheet while they are still hot. The “stained glass” is still flexible at this point; if you wait until cool, the glass will crack or break out from the cookie. Place the cookies on a cooling rack to keep the cookies flat and in tact.


These cookies make wonderful holiday ornaments. Cut a small hole in the top of the cookie before baking so that a string or ribbon can be strung as a hanger. These cookies look beautiful hanging in a window with the light coming through.


If you are planning on giving the stained glass cookie ornaments as gifts, consider placing them in small cellophane bags tied with ribbon.


Special Notes:

If you find that you have a little stained glass has leaked out of the designated spot, you can use a knife to trim it off.


Do not allow the cookies to bake too long: the candy will burn and turn brown.

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