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How to Make Gloop

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Written by Darlene Michaud   

How to Make Gloop
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Your kids will have a ton of fun making sculptures with homemade gloop! All you need are a few ingredients to make the gloop then some craft supplies to decorate your sculpture. Happy glooping!

Step 1:  GET YOUR GLOOP INGREDIENTS AND CRAFT SUPPLIES -- You will need the following: plaster of paris, craft sand, water, empty coffee can or other disposable container, plastic spoon, wax paper, poster paints, paintbrushes, any other craft materials you can think of.

Step 2:  MAKE YOUR GLOOP -- Put about one cup of plaster of paris in the coffee can or other container. Slowly add water and stir with the plastic spoon. Keep adding water and stirring until the mixture looks like creamy soup. Then start adding small amounts of sand and mix it in fast. Keep adding sand until the mixture is thick enough to shape into forms.

Step 3:  MAKE YOUR SCULPTURE -- Plop the gloop out onto a piece of wax paper and start forming it into any shape you want.  You can make people figures, animals, towers, or anything you want. Be quick because gloop gets hard fast! When you are done, let your sculpture dry completely.

Step 4:  DECORATE YOUR SCULPTURE -- When your sculpture is dry and hard, you can paint it with poster paints. You can also decorate it in other ways like gluing on glitter or feathers or anything you can dream up!

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