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How to Write a Hit Rap Song

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Rap is a phenomenal art form which has taken the over the world musical scene by combining poetry with music. You can earn a lot of money in rap not only by rapping but by writing the raps themselves and selling your songs to other artists.

If you have ever dreamed of writing raps and possibly earning cash by doing so you are at the right ehow article as this article will tell you how to write a hit rap song.

Step 1

Firstly in writing a rap song you should write of what you have experienced while on life's journey so in this step just sit back and reflect upon your life and the trails and tribulations you have went through.

Step 2

Next sit down and put pen to paper and start writing your rap. In this step try to rhyme words and show a good vocabulary but keep it simple enough that your intended listeners will not need to get out a dictionary to know what your talking about.

Step 3

Once rap is written go back and re-read it at least 5 times and make any changes that you think need to be made.

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