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How to Make a Girls Journal

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If you’re looking for a great group or party activity this girl’s journal is just what you are looking for. This is a fun craft for girls to do and it gives them a creative outlet to begin their writing careers. This is also a great gift idea for your teen and tween aged daughters to make and give to their friends. It is very inexpensive and a great beginner craft for anyone.

Things you will need:

Card stock



Felt square

Decorations of choice such as felt in corresponding colors, sequins, glitter, buttons, stickers…

Several sheets of paper (8”X5”)

hole punch

Step 1:

To make a girls journal you will first need to make the cover.
a. First you will need to make a pattern out of card stock. Using a ruler draw a rectangle that is one inch by four inches.
b. After you have created your cover pattern for your girl’s journal you will need to lay your felt out flat on the table like you would a piece of paper to write on. Lay your pattern piece on the bottom right corner of the felt square long ways. Cut along the pattern to remove the corner.
c. Do the same on the other edge of the same side of felt. When you are done you should have a large rectangle with an inch sized square or flap sticking out at the end.
d. Now fold the cover in half with the rectangle extending out past the other two ends. Cut along the fold line you just created. This will be the front and back or your Girls Journal.

Step 2

Next you will need to decorate your front cover, the one without the flap. Using a corresponding color of felt cut designs like hearts or flowers to embellish the front of your girls journal. You can also use beads or sequins. This is the fun part so really let your imagination go. Just use hot glue or craft clue to attach your decorations to the cover.

Step 3

Once you have decorated the front cover and allowed it to dry you will need to take one page of journal paper and arrange it between both pieces of the journal. Just like you would for the finished journal. Using a hole punch you will need to punch three holes into the journal. Along the left side of the journal punch a hole about an inch from the top another about an inch from the bottom and a third right in the middle of the journal. Make sure you go all the way through the felt and paper. You will also need to punch a hole in the middle of the flap closure.

Step 4

On the front of the journal cover you will need to cut two small slits in the felt. This will be where your ribbon closure will be so make sure it is in the center of the right side of the front cover of your journal. Be careful not to cut through the edge of your journal. The slits should be pretty close together and parallel to each other.

Step 5

Now take the journal paper out of the journal and use this as a pattern or template for additional sheets of paper. Just line them all up and use the hole punch again making sure to punch in the same spots as your template.

Step 6

Insert the journal papers into the middle of the two pieces of felt and lace ribbon through the holes to keep them together. Tie the ribbon in bows.

Step 7

Lace another piece of ribbon through the two slits on the right side cover of the girl’s journal. You will now lace both of these ribbons through the flap and tie them into a bow.

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