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How to Remove Warts Without Surgery or Medication

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Written by QuackJack   

(1) To cause some warts to go away, simply say, "the warts are going to go away". Whether you want to call it self talk, white witchcraft, faith healing, or a hypnotic suggestion, just do it. (Warts can be told to go away for the benefit of yourself or others. As many as 20 warts have been removed with one attempt. About one week is typical for total wart disappearance).   

(2) For best results, try to ignore the wart or warts for about a week. A glance at shrinking warts after about 3 or 4 days, may startle you and the warts could start getting larger again. If you happen to notice the warts are getting larger again, say it again, "the warts are going to go away".

(3) When using the technique above, do not combine it with other remedies, such as applying wart remover creams.

(4) If the above method has not worked for you after 3 or 4 tries, seek out a person that is known for wart removals and ask them to do it for you.

(5) If you have stalled from attempting the above technique, consider the rationalities and alternatives:

  (A) Warts grow, as do finger nails, because your subconscious mind tells them to.

  (B) Doing nothing may leave you or someone else with warts to deal with for years.

  (C) If you get warts burned away, they may grow back again.

  (D) There are different kinds of warts. Many warts, that typically grow on fingers and the neck area, will go away, possibly forever with the right words spoken in the right frame of mind.

(6) Questions or comments are welcome. Successful wart removers, please respond. 

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