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How to Make an Herbal Flea Spray for Your Pet

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Written by Dena Bolton   

Fleas can drive your pet -- and you -- crazy.  Too many of the flea products on the market today, however, are full of chemicals that can actually be harmful to your beloved cat or dog.  In addition, they are quite expensive.  You can make an all-natural herbal spray for your pet at a fraction of the cost of the commercial sprays found in stores.  In addition, this spray contains no chemicals that can be harmful to either your pet or your family.


1 cup water

4-6 drops tea tree oil

4-6 drops essential oil of lavender

Simply mix all of the ingredients together and pour into a spray bottle.  Spray a little on your dog or cat when you let them outdoors and again when they come back into the house.  Be sure to keep the spray away from their eyes.  You can also spray their bedding to keep fleas away.

Tip:  Rosemary is another herb frequently used to deter fleas.  You can substitute the lavender with essential oil of rosemary to increase the flea-deterrent element of this flea spray.

Warnings:  Always make sure to dilute the tea tree oil before using on your pets.  Use less for cats or smaller dogs.  If you have any concerns, consult your vet before using.

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djeff37 said:

very good article on natural substitutes to chemicals sprays for dlea control. 5*
December 17, 2009
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Donna Thacker said:

Donna Thacker
Many reports say that tea tree oil is toxic to cats. I have used it on my cat with no ill effects, but do be aware of Google search reports that will tell you not to use it on your cat
December 18, 2009
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DenaBolton said:

Donna -- I know what you mean, and you bring up a good point. I would never recommend using straight tea tree oil on cats (or even small dogs). For that matter, I would never use any essential oil that has not been diluted on any animal (including humans). You do bring up a good point, tho I have never had any problems with my cats either. Thanks for your input.
December 18, 2009
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QuackJack said:

This is good to know, thanks.
December 23, 2009
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PBenfield said:

great article. I'd rather use an all-natural product than chemicals.
April 23, 2010
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