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How to Make a Money Tree for Christmas
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Written by Susan Sutton   


Instead of putting a money on a card try putting money on a tree. This is very unique and the person recieving will have never had one of these before. This is a great gift for both adults and children.

Things you will need:

Pine branches or small faux/real pine tree, Silver spray paint

Shoe box, Foam florist block, Terracota pot

Paint/paintbrush, Ribbon, Bulbs or other small decorations

Money, Clear basket bag, Bow

Step 1:

Cut some branches off of a pine tree. Tie the branches together to form the shape of a Christmas tree.

Money Tree - cut branches

Step 2:

Cut a hole in the bottom of a shoe box and stick the bottom of the branches through. Now that the branches are standing upright spray paint them silver.  

Money Tree Plant






spray paint tree

Step 3:

While the tree is drying paint the pot red or another holiday color of your choice.  

paint a pot

 Step 4:

Now that the pot is dry put florist foam into the container.

put foam in pot

Step 5:

Stick the branches into the florist foam. If there is a gap between the tree and the top of the pot, tie a colorful ribbon around the base of the tree.

put ribbon around base of tree

Step 6:

Roll up some money to your tree with some ribbon. You can decorate the tree with other decorations like colorful bulbs. 

roll money up in ribbons







Step 7:

Put a large clear gift basket bag over the tree and tie the top with a ribbon.

clear gift basket over tree

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paul said:

Very creative Christmas present idea. 5 stars!
January 04, 2010
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