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How to Read the Signs Your Candle Gives
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Written by Deborah Sexton   

Candles can predict the outcome of your prayers and rituals.

Before burning a candle to manifest your desires state what it is you want than pray and ask to receive it. Once your candle is burning pay attention to the signs it gives you.

How to Read The Signs Your Candle Gives

1. Pay attention to your candle flame. Does it burn high or low?

When the flame burns low or is weak this indicates the power to manifest your desire is not working very well or you may have a contender for the same wish. It also indicates that manifesting will take longer and you are to continue burning candles till your desire is fulfilled or abandoned...

When the flame burns very high, the candle is working to manifest your desire without any problems.

When the candle takes longer than usual to burn down, it indicates your desire is hard to manifest. There may be many obstacles. It may also be trying to give you time to reconsider your desire. I've found when this happens a person loses the desire to obtain what they lit the candle for while it slowly burns.

2. Pay attention to the behavior of your candle's flame.

When the flame flickers there may be some doubt within you about obtaining your desire.
If the flame jumps repeatedly this can indicate bursts of energy being transmitted. It could also mean things are vacillating...
When the flame crackles as the candle burns, it indicates you request is a tough one. The stronger the crackling sound, the harder it will be...

3. Are there other signs?

If your candle keeps going out it may mean the spell should not be done. It could also mean someone has a candle burning for you and their desire is stronger. As an example, you light a candle to win the love of someone, but someone else wants to stop it or is doing a spell to make you love them, this person could be putting out your candle to prevent what you want. Or the person you are burning the candle for may be resisting. Light a different candle the next day..

Black soot can mean that there are very strong negative vibrations in connection to your desire or someone is interfering or resisting so the candle is working harder and the barriers are being burned away.

This is a good sign of victory.

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djeff37 said:

very interesting article in candle reading...
January 19, 2010
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Thank you for reading my hub
June 25, 2010
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Carl Benjamin said:

Carl Benjamin
I never looked at candles this way before.
August 19, 2010
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DeborahSexton said:

Thanks for reading my article Carl
August 19, 2010
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