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How To Help A Paralyzed Dog

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Written by Roseanne Pratt   

Having a dog in the family brings great entertainment and enjoyment.  When they become stricken with an ailment or illness they rely on us to care for them. In the year two thousand and four my dachsund became paralyzed in his hind legs. I am a real softy when it comes to animals and would not listen to others advice about putting him to sleep. With shear determination and some techniques he not only walks but runs too.  Read on to find out how to help your paralyzed dog.

1.  Exercise: I first began exercising my dachsunds hind legs each morning. I would place him on his back and bicycle his legs in twenty rotations per leg. I would massage his legs afterward to help build the muscles back in his legs.

2. Theraputic Bath: After each exercise session, I would give him a theraputic bath with a mild theraputic bathing oil with eucalyptus oil. With a cup I would run water over his back helping to relax the back muscles.

3. MSG, Towel Walking, Cage Rest: Cage rest is very important for any dog that is paralyzed. For two weeks my dachsund was in a cage during the day while I was gone from home. Make sure to give your dog something do while in the cage. For instance, I would give my dog toys to play with and this seemed to cheer him up. Make sure to leave a puppy pad in the cage for any accidents. Administer MSG or Glucasomine each day preferably in a liquid form. You can find it at a veterinary clinic or pet food store. The MSG will help new muscle to build giving your dog a second chance.  Towel walking is important when teaching your dog to walk again. Simply place a towel underneath the belly helping your dog with his footing.  Be patient with your dog because it is like a child learning how to walk.

Tips and Warnings: Be patient and realize this takes time and determination.  If no improvement is shown a pet wheelchair may need to be considered. Please do not put your dog down and give them the benefit of the doubt.

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