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How to Celebrate a Truly Spiritual Christmas

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Written by Kimberly Carson   

Celebrate A Spritual Christmas

Christmas is a special time of year for many reasons - tradition, family, goodies of all kinds, etc.,  and while for many it is a religious celebration, it can also be a time of spiritual celebration as well.  This metaphysical understanding of Christmas can bring a powerful dimension to your celebration this year making it less commercial and more personal than ever before.   The greatest dimension is reached when we realize that the “Mass of the Christ,“ Christmas, is really our story - the story of the birth of Christ in us.  According to William Cameron, “It all happens in consciousness; it is an inner drama in which spiritual awareness is quickened in you. 

The Christ Spirit is literally born into your awareness and becomes a living part of your humanity.”  The traditional story of Christmas comes from the Bible and this metaphysical interpretation uses the Bible story to understand this wonderful season in a way that all of us can celebrate.   Ever since I learned this story years ago, it has made Christmas very special to me and I hope it will be for you.  Happy Christmas!

Beginning with the inn.  The inn represents our intellect.  There was no room in the inn for the birth of the Christ.  Many times, we let our mind tell us there is no room for our spiritual side.  So, the baby was born in the manger.  The manger is our heart - our feeling nature.  It doesn’t matter what the conditions of your heart - it can still be a stable; the Christ can still be born no matter the conditions of your emotional nature.

The masculine represents the intellectual part of our nature, so Joseph, the human father of Jesus, represents our thinking ability.  Joseph was an intelligent man, yet, from the onset he really didn’t understand the whole process.  He didn’t understand his role if he wasn’t even involved in the original conception of this birth and consented to Mary to protect, guide, support and become an important father-figure to this child she was going to bear.  Our own intellect can do the same thing:  the right state of mind is essential to the growth of a new spiritual awareness in us.

The feminine represents the emotional part of our nature, and Mary, the mother of Jesus, represents the very highest emotional experience that human beings can have:  pure intuition.  And this is how the Christ Spirit comes to us; through intuition.  When Mary was inspired with the knowledge that she was to give birth to the Christ child, she kept this secret quiet and pondered them in her heart; and then she magnified the Lord.  It was through Mary that Jesus was born; through the virgin awareness of pure intuition the perfect Christ idea of our own spiritual identity is inspired.  A pure heart always magnifies the Spirit of God in us.

Herod is also part of our intellect - a very important part…he’s the puppet king:  our ego.  Our ego is always threatened by the birth of something that dissolves our fear; so threatened that it tries to kill out the idea.  The only thing that ever really keeps us from growing is our own ego.  This is what we need to get out of the way.  The shepherds and sheep from the peaceful Judean countryside again symbolize to us the inner scene of our intellectual and emotional processes.  The shepherd is the humble, trustworthy, simple type (like Joseph) and watches and tends with loving care the flock of feelings that are under its charge.  The shepherd is often the hero in the Bible (shepherds were noble men with great responsibility bestowed upon them), and we can establish this quality of kind and peaceful but strong leadership in our own intellect.  We can use our minds to gently guide and take care of our little thoughts and chase after the black sheep, to transmute all things in us so that they truly follow the Christ.

Angels represent messages from God, divine inspiration and guidance that bring, “…good news of a great joy…”  Charles Fillmore said that in the Bible, a star always represents the possibilities of our own Christhood.  To develop this, to be able to see that Star, we need to go apart awhile and experience the communion in the silence of the secret place of the most high.  To be able to see that Star and follow it will bring forth the beautiful spiritual qualities of our true nature.  

Then, we have the Three Wise Men - Magi, astronomers and mystics …wise men from the East…in the Bible, East symbolically means:  toward the rising sun; in the direction of the source, the spiritual realm of consciousness.  The Wise Men were led by inspiration to the birthplace of the Christ child, where they honored the Child with gifts.  This is the special kind of consciousness that makes Christmas so special.  The Christ is the greatest gift of all, for it is the gift of God’s own nature expressing in us as us.  The law for receiving is giving.  This Christmas, give the gifts of the Wise Men to the Christ child in you:  gold, representing material possessions which are mediums through which we work out the divine plan of our life.  Dedicate everything to God.  Frankincense is a symbol of prayer that we send upward toward our aspirations.  And myrrh, a seemingly strange gift of embalming ointment which represents letting go of that which is no longer needed in order to make room for the Christ to be born in us.  Let the Christ in you be born!

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December 07, 2009
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