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How to protect yourself with White Light

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Written by DJ_Lyons   

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Introduction: Should you find yourself feeling sensitive to the negative vibrations in a room, here is an exercise you can do to keep yourself centered and calm and divinely protected with White Light.

Step 1:  When you awaken in the morning, imagine your body filled with radiant, pulsating white light. Visualize and affirm that this white light originates with God or Jesus or an Angel of God. In my mind, I am filling myself with radiant, vibrating, pulsating white light from God. You might want to concentrate on your toes and slowly work your way up your body, breathing deeply and calmly all the while until you feel a strong sense of peace permeate all portions of your being.

Step 2:  Next, imagine that this radiant white light overflows your very pores and surrounds you with a bubble of protective, shielding, cushioning white light.

Step 3:  If you plan to drive that day, visualize that your car is filled with that radiant, pulsating white light. That white light overflows your car and forms a bubble of protective, shielding, cushioning white light all around it. Request that the Road Angels guide and guard your driving and the drivers around you all throughout the day. Affirm the following: “My car, the cars of the people I love, all the cars around me, and all forms of transportation everywhere all are traveling safely, and we are all getting to our destinations safely with no problem or disturbance.

Step 4:  Imagine the house where you live and all places you intend to visit that day are also filled with that radiant, pulsating, vibrating white light from God. Imagine those structures are all surrounded by this radiant, vibrating, pulsating white light. Request that this white light from God touch and bless you and all people who spend any amount of time in those structures.

Step 5:   Finally, do some segment-intending. If you sense that a room you are about to enter is filled with angry people or people feelings strong negative emotion of some type, quickly reaffirm that radiant white light fills and surrounds you. Take at least three calming breaths. Then affirm that for the segment of time you intend to spend in that room, radiant white light fills that room very strongly, touching and blessing and protecting you and also touching and blessing and calming the people in that room. Keep your focus more on the feeling of that blessed white light rather than trying to get caught up in the drama-trauma going on in that room.

Warnings: Obviously, if this feels too much of a struggle, find a reason to vacate the room. To use an analogy, you are not going to help and be a blessing to them if you are both rolling in the mud. Sometimes, we can help others more if we leave their presence and visualize their well-being from afar.

Tips: Visualize them being their best self. Try to recall a time when you witnessed them being their best self. If you do stay in the room with them, perhaps find a way to change the subject and focus by saying, “Do you remember that time we did that funny thing?” Or “Do you remember that time when that funny time happened to us?” If that person is involved in putting herself or himself down, perhaps you can pivot the focus in the room by recalling a time when that person did something that demonstrated talent or intelligence or some other positive quality. Shift the conversation by saying, “Do you want to know one of the things that I truly value about you?” Then proceed to tell him or her things that you honestly value and can sincerely praise.

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Carl Benjamin said:

Carl Benjamin
I often include people in my morning prayers. I focus on others more so than myself. It lifts my spirits to do this.
December 06, 2009
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DJ_Lyons said:

Thanks for commenting Carl. I totally agree with your sentiments. Have a wonderful day!
December 06, 2009
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