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How to Trim your Rabbits Nails

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Written by Susan   

Trim your rabbits nails Info:

It is very important to make sure your rabbits nails are trimmed on a regular basis. This will help you and your rabbit feel more comfortable with the process and also help keep your rabbit happy.

Things you will need:


Large towel

Small wash cloth

small animal nail clippers

flower or corn starch

Someone to help if available!

Step 1:

If you are trimming your rabbits nails for the first time it may be better for you to have a veterinarian show you the proper way to trim the nails. This can over time become a simple process however it can be very intimidating the first time.

Step 2

When cutting your rabbits nails you need to make sure your rabbit is firmly secured. This will help avoid accidents that could happen if the rabbit is to try to pull away from you. I like to wrap my rabbit in a large towel exposing only one foot at a time to be worked on.

Step 3

While you have the rabbits foot exposed take an old wash cloth or rag and press your rabbits toe nail through it. This will push the rabbits hair back and make it easier for you to see the proper place to trim the nails to.

Step 4

Trimming rabbits nails

Your rabbits nail should come out of their foot and have a slight curve to it. The rabbits nail should be cut about 1/8 to 1/4 beyond the quick. It should be cut at about a 30 degree angle from the foot. This will help with the natural process of filing the nails and keep the rabbit from hurting himself if he scratches.

Step 5

Rabbit nail clippers

If your rabbit has light colored nails you should be able to use a flashlight to shine through the nails and determine where the quick ends. If your rabbit has dark colored nails this will be more difficult and you should only cut a small portion at a time to make sure you are not cutting them too short.

Step 6

Take your time when cutting the rabbits nails and let go if your rabbit begins to struggle with you. Better safe than sorry by cutting into the quick.

Step 7

If you should happen to cut into the quick of your rabbits nails make sure you have some flour ready. Just simply wipe away any blood and press the flour into the cut. This will help the blood clot. If it is a minor cut applying a small amount of pressure for a few seconds also works well.

Step 8

Flour for accidents

The rabbits cuticle will grow larger if the nails are not well maintained. The good news is if you begin to properly care for your rabbits nails it will begin to regress. Another benefit of trimming your rabbits nails on a regular basis is that your rabbit will become more use to the process and you will be more comfortable with the process as well.

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