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How to Make Philippine Pancit Bijon Guisado

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Written by Anthony Doquesa   

Pancit Bijon Guisado 

Filipino Noodles can be very sumptious tasteful especially when various seafoods and meats gets added to the noodles. But with the proper ingredients and seasonings of this great Filipino cusine will have you asking for more on your plate. I would also like to share with you an additional information based on the name of the cusine. The name "Pancit Bijon Guisado" means great seafoods and meat in combination with the Class-A special noodles in the Philippines to ensure the flavor.

 Here are the tools needed which are:

 1.) Frying Pan

 2.) Drainer

 3.) Wooden Spatula

 4.) Pot with boiling hot frest water

The necessary Ingredients are as followed:

 A.) 1/4 cups of cooking oil

 B.) 2 cloves of garlic, minced

 C.) 1 onion, minced

 D.) 1 cup of boiled pork sliced

 E.) 1 small cabbage, shredded

 F.) 1 large carrot, shredded into strips

 G.) 2 tbsps of soy sauce

 H.)  1 1/2 cups of broth

 I.) 1 bunch of Kintsay or chinese leeks

 J.) 1 bundle 1rst class bijon China (Rice Sticks)

 K.) 1 tsp of salt

 L.) 1 tsp of Aji-no-moto

M.) 2 pcs of chorizo canton (Chinese sausage) fried and sliced, spring onion, chopped.

 Here are the necessary steps to cooking this fabulous cusine:

 Step 1:

 In the first step , add oil onto the frying pan, leave about 5 minutes for the oil to get heated. Then sautee the garlic (once the garlic gets brown, add the onions pork, carrot and cabbage. Then season with soy sauce and fry for 2 minutes using the wooden spatula.

 Step 2:

 Next add the broth and then let it simmer for about 2 minutes then add the Kinchay. When all the vegetables are cooked, mix in the soaked and drained Bijon that was put aside and season with the salt and Aji-no-moto.

 Step 3:

 In the final step turn off the flame from the stove place with the pancit on an seperate plate and then with an final touch garnish with chorizo canton and spring onions. Serve with calamansi for perfect final taste.

 Here are some Tips for assistance:

 1.) Whenever sauteeing the garlic it is always a good habit with the wooden spatula to consistently mix the garlic for fresher and faster cook of the garlic.

 2.) When adding the soy sauce it is always good to keep in mind the proper measurements of the soy sauce, because it can be very salty, if to much have been added on.

 Here are some warnings to take into consideration such as:

 1.) Whenever sautee or heating the frying pan with the oil keep the flame at an low level because to much flame may cause the oil to flicker around and may hit your skin causing degree burns so handle with caution.

 2.) Whenever slicing the meat angle the knife away from your fingers for proper and a safe way of cutting.

 3.) As always use oven mittens to avoid degree burns.

 Enjoy and happy cooking!

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