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How to raise Mallard Ducks in your backyard

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Written by Adrianne Izaguirre   

Mallard Ducks are the most popular ducks amongst hobbyists in the United States. They are very social ducks since they are raised mostly in captivity and enjoy being around other ducks as well. Most Mallards can live seven years or more so it is important to spend as much time with them as you can and always bond with them.

Hatching: Search for an incubator from the pet store or online. Once you have the eggs and the incubator, place the eggs in and make sure the temperature is set to 99.5F. You can spray the eggs with warm water each day to ensure moister. Mallard eggs hatch very quickly, In only 24 days.

Environment: Baby Mallards will need to be indoors for the first couple months of their life since they are frail and prone to predators that lurk outside. Buy them a simple cage that is spacious and add grass inside. Something that is similar to their natural habitat. Add a light or some sort of heating near to the cage. The ducklings will prefer something that is slightly above room temperature. After five weeks or so, your ducklings will be ready to walk around and even swim outside.

Feeding: You can feed your ducklings vegetable greens or regular garden weeds as well. They love their veggies! Always place a clean dish of water in their cage but make sure it is a small dish so they can’t drown or swim in it. After all, they don’t know how to swim yet. After five weeks or so, it is best to change their diet to pellets or cracked corn. Sometimes when you let them out in the

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