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How to Cure Loud Snore

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To start off, try to lose weight

When a person is overweight they tend to have a higher chance of being a snorer thru out their lifetime. Think about it have you ever seen an over weight person not snore., I haven't.

Don't use sleeping pills to help you sleep better. Yeah they help people like insomniacs, but they also make them snore more often and louder.

Stop smoking

Smokers snore alot, because their bodies need as much oxygen as it can get sense smokers deprive the body of it with their bad habit.

Clear up your nasal pasages of mucuos, if you have too much mucuos in your nasal pasages you probably will do a lot of snoring. Because your body needs to breath more harder to get air.

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lighthouse1958 said:

Yes, being overweight does make a person snore more than usual. My husband could stand to lose a few pounds and he is a the breathing machine for his snoring. Before he got the machine, I was sleeping in the other room. It feels so good to be back in my own bed again. 5*
December 03, 2009
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